Our surgery facility is equipped with a padded induction room, preparation area and patient hoist to carry out the following surgeries

Surgery & Induction Room, Ratoath vets, Meath


Removal of the ventricles and left vocal cord to correct paralysis in the larynx, under general anaesthesia. This is often performed in conjunction with a tie-back procedure.


In horses that have high grade laryngeal paralysis, a suture is placed to permanently hold the left side of the larynx open.


Many young horses are born with angular limb deformities while others develop them as they grow. Misaligned limbs can lead to joint trauma later in life due to the abnormal forces exerted on the joints. To correct the problem, we place a physeal screw to reposition the limb in a straighter conformation. It is important that this condition is corrected in the first few months of the foal’s life, when the bone is softer and easier to manipulate.


A rig is a procedure to remove one or two concealed testicles. Known as ‘cryptorchidism’, it happens when the testicle(s) rest in the abdomen after failing to descend into the scrotal sac. This can make a horse visually appear to be a gelding, while behaving like a stallion.


Used to manage dominant behaviour, a castration is performed under sedation to remove both testicles in a male horse.


Mares that have been in labour for longer than usual may be candidates for caesarean section. If the vet is unable to manually assist the foal through the birth canal, he/she will have to operate for the wellbeing of mare and foal.

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